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Winter Pet Travel: Cozy Getaways for You and Your Furry Friend

Winter Pet Travel Destinations

Have you ever thought about taking Fido with you on your winter travels? As of 2022, 78% of American pet owners travel with their pets every year! Many people are traveling to winter destinations like the ones listed below. If you’re looking into taking your cold-loving pet with you this year, we’ve compiled a list of domestic and international pet-friendly winter destinations to consider!

Jacksonhole, Wyoming

Just South of Grand Teton National Park is a pet-friendly haven called Jacksonhole, Wyoming. Known for its popularity among tourists and ski-goers, Jacksonhole welcomes Fido with open arms. Filled with pet-friendly hotels and parks, your pet is welcome to tag along on most of your winter adventures!

Aspen, Colorado

Nestled into the mountains of Colorado’s White River National Forest is the perfect winter getaway for you and Fido! Aspen, Colorado, is well known for its world-class skiing. Both you and your dog can find plenty of pet-friendly things to do off and on the slopes!

Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

St. Johnsbury welcomes all pets with open arms; however, the community has a special place in their hearts for our canine friends. This town is home to Dog Mountain; 150 acres of adventure await you and Fido. Countless hotels, stores, trails, and parks not only welcome dogs but cherish them. From Autumn to Winter, Dog Mountain is a beautiful place to visit with your best friend this year!

Fjords of Norway

Whether you are driving or traveling by cruise, the Fjords of Norway offer beautiful scenery and adventure for you and Fido! Many cruises, restaurants, hotels, and hiking trails allow your trusted companion to tag along. Norway’s beauty will surely be a hit for your international travels this year!

Auckland, New Zealand

Known for its culture and picturesque landscape, New Zealand is a paradise for both you and Fido. Dog-friendly attractions include numerous off-leash beaches, parks, hiking trails, and Auckland Botanical Gardens. You can’t go wrong visiting this beautiful country with your best friend!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known for being one of the most dog-friendly destinations in Europe. Take Fido with you virtually anywhere in the capital of Hungary. It’s very common to be able to dine indoors and be allowed in the vast, well-kept city parks with your pup. You can’t beat the breathtaking medieval architecture, and scenic river city views with your best friend this winter!

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